About Us

Who We Are

We are a team of early education specialists in Australia to build a bright future of children. At Moombaki Early Learning, we focus on nurturing practices and support children to grow and learn. We ensure that the children have best possible start. Moombaki provides opportunities to children throughout the day to explore indoor and outdoor experiences. We provide environment where children feel valuable and respected. We understand feeling belong is vital.

Our Programs are aligned with EYLF and MTOP and provides unique blends for individuals. Our environment has been setup in a way that encourage children to explore, use their imagination be creative. Each age group has a room and resources are arranged according to children’s developmental needs, interests.

 We understand that enrolling your child at daycare and going back to work is a big decision. We are here to support our families through this journey. Our educators are qualified and experienced to provide education and care to children.

Children are creative and when they are provided opportunities, they can create masterpieces. Art and craft, loose materials, open ended materials, and messy play encourage thinking, creativity and problem solving. When educators work closely with children and being responsive to the needs and focus on children’s strength, abilities, and interests, that provides children a warm place where they can engage and interact one on one or in small group settings. When educators ask open ended question that provoke curiosity, ideas, and interests. When children are more confident it is easier for them to settle in new settings.

Why Choose Us?

Experienced Educators

We are a group of experienced early-learning educators who love spending time with babies.

Well-Designed Curriculum

We follow a well-designed curriculum with music, art, and games to improve the learning experiences of toddlers.

Supportive Environment

Our expert early learning educators can help kids work on their individual talents within a supportive community.

Inclusive Space

At Moombaki Early Learning, your kindy will thrive in an inclusive space with social interactions with peers and teachers.

You Can Trust Us for High-Quality Child Care Services

We take pride in shaping future minds with high-quality learning experiences.

Nurturing Bright Minds

Moombaki is a word from aboriginal language which means ‘Horizon’ in English. Australia is a multicultural country and Moombaki is a place where we celebrate diversity. We acknowledge traditional custodians of land and embrace their culture, art, music, and language. At Moombaki we understand children belongs to their families first and then to the wider community. Our aim to provide children home away from home where they feel valued and respected.
We acknowledged that childhood is an important phase of life and all the experiences gathered at this stage plays a pivotal role. Parents has a major role in children’s life, so it is vital to form a strong partnership with families, communities and values their culture and social contexts

Shaping the Future of Your Kids

We aim to provide holistic approach and believe that children are capable learners. We aim to provide safe environment to children where they feel respected and involved. When children feel Belong in the environment, they feel confident enough to make their own decisions and learn to act independently.


Our Testimonial

Vikas Kumar
Vikas Kumar
We're thrilled with the care our 4-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter received at Moombaki early learning! The staff is fantastic, and our kids settled in easily. The variety of activities for child development is impressive. Highly recommend!
Nicole Mallon
Nicole Mallon
Absolutely amazing childcare. As a parent and staff member at Moombaki, I can vouch for how incredible all the staff are. They go above and beyond for my son and the rest of the children, making every child feel safe and special. We are very lucky to be a part of the Moombaki family!
Kuldeep Rulhan
Kuldeep Rulhan
I had an amazing experience with this Child Care Centre. The customer service was outstanding, and the infrastructure and quality of services were exactly what I was looking for.”
ashmita dangol
ashmita dangol
Moombaki Early Learning is one of the best childcare centre with wonderful outdoor and indoor playground. The centre provides a spacious playground with top notch class rooms and amenities. I admitted my child from day one, since the opening of the centre.Now he is striving at his best under the forbearance guidance of his teachers. It’s so overwhelming to see my child adopting and settling in so well so quickly within short period of time.My moment of contentment is when the staffs provide me visual media of my child activities and milestones everyday when I am at my work place . It gives me peace of mind.Our Best decision sending him to Moombaki .Highly recommended for anyone looking for the best.
R. Cheema
R. Cheema
My daughter going for vacation care … she enjoying her days there, staff is very friendly and accommodating 👍👍👍
Rachael Reid
Rachael Reid
I moved my son to Moombaki after a less than fantastic experience at another local centre. He has settled into life at Moombaki so quickly, and misses his educators and friends when he's not there. All of the staff and educators are fantastic, my little one has bonded with the team and is so happy while there. They engage in lots of fun and educational activities, we get new art for the fridge almost every day and the updates the provide during the day are fantastic. 5 stars isn't enough!
Kajal Jhuboo
Kajal Jhuboo
Thrilled with the outstanding care at Moombaki Early Learning.The staff's dedication creates a fantastic, nurturing space. My child is not only happy but thriving. So grateful to have found this exceptional childcare center! Highly recommend! 🌟👶