The Benefits of Hiring a Nanny vs Daycare (A Depth Guide)

One of the first major considerations a parent must make is the kind of childcare their child will attend. Being a parent who remains at home isn’t always an option, even if some parents would like to do everything themselves. There are two popular forms of childcare available: nanny services and daycare, both with certain benefits of their own.

Modern parents are concerned about a lot of things. And the foremost among them? Childcare babysitter.

The two most popular choices are daycare enrollment and nanny hire. However, how can you choose which one is best for your loved ones? The simple fact is that it’s quite individualised and heavily dependent on several variables, such as your financial situation and schedule.

We asked childcare professionals to give their best guidance and knowledge to help you choose the choice that works best for you. Continue reading to find out what you should know while choosing between childcare and a nanny.

Understanding the Basics

Before opting for any of the options for your newborn, you should understand the basics of both factors. There are differences between nanny childcare and child daycare. The greatest decision when deciding between daycare and nanny care is based on your needs and your child’s needs, as well as the availability of a fantastic nanny

Your budget, the level of care required, whether you work from home, and personal interests are other things to take into account. As families grow, childcare can become more logistically difficult and expensive. In the end, though, experts concur that each daycare choice has advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits of Hiring a Nanny

Before hiring a nanny for your kid you should know who the nanny is.

An expert who works in the residence of a family to provide childcare services is known as a nanny. The family may hire nannies under a variety of arrangements, such as:

Although most professional babysitters and nannies possess the necessary childcare certifications, it’s not necessarily a requirement for the position. The majority of nannies have a fair deal of experience working with children. 


Several advantages hiring a nanny can offer your family. These are just a few benefits of hiring a nanny.

Benefits of Choosing Daycare

To know more about the benefits of Daycare. You should know what daycare is all about. 

There are two types of daycare: long daycare and family daycare.

Children can get full or part-time early childhood education and care from long nursery facilities.

Family day care gives care and instruction more organically. Small groups of kids are welcomed into the homes of family daycare educators.


Key Considerations When Making a Decision

1. Price’s Comparing: The cost of a nanny vs daycare is a major factor in the argument between daycare and nannies. Daycare fees are usually less expensive, particularly if you only have one child. Since the expense is divided across multiple families, many find it to be a financially sensible option. On the other hand, since you are hiring a professional to look after your child full-time, nanny care is typically more expensive. For bigger families, meanwhile, this expense can be comparable to enrolling many kids in a daycare.

2. Security and Guidance: Child’s security is a frequent question when comparing nanny vs babysitter. Nursery facilities frequently go through a stringent certification process, and hiring a nanny calls for faith and personal screening.

3. Opportunities for Social Growth: Social development is a crucial point of contention in the daycare vs. stay-at-home child. While playdates or group activities may be part of a nanny’s social exposure programme, childcare offers social contact.

4. Improving Skills via Learning: Daycare centres can provide a solid basis for education programs for toddler because of their organised learning modules. On the other hand, a nanny with the appropriate abilities can offer your child individualised learning opportunities.

5. Adjust to Your Needs: In general, nannies are more flexible in-home daycare, which is especially beneficial for families with irregular schedules. However, daycare centres have set hours that might or might not line up with your schedule.

Potential Drawbacks of Daycare vs nanny care

There are pros for child care and nannies, every pro always comes with a cons. Here are some of the cons of daycare and hiring a nanny.

Drawbacks of daycare

  1. More Infections and Diseases: Because children share so many toys, wipe their noses frequently, and touch the items repeatedly, germs are common in daycare. A child in daycare may get sick more frequently in a year. Children get vacation care for schoolies once a year only.
  2. Mishaps: Accidents and scratches are frequent at daycare centres. There may be more bruises and scratches when there are a lot of kids because it is challenging to watch every child at once.
  3. Lack of adaptability: Daycare facilities operate on set hours, so there’s a good chance you’ll be charged more if you’re late taking up your child. You may require more flexibility than a day can provide if your employment prevents you from leaving at a set hour every day.

Drawback of hiring a nanny

  1. Challenges in Parenting Styles: A disagreement between you and your nanny about discipline, sleep patterns, or other parenting-related matters could lead to be in contradiction and complicate your relationship. It is ideal to choose a nanny who shares your parenting philosophy. 
  2. Being late: You will be late for work if a nanny is habitually absent. The nanny is visiting your house, thus you have no control over their lateness.
  3. Absence of Rules: It is not necessary for nannies to hold any particular certificates or additional training in child development. Not all nannies are qualified, but many are. Parents are responsible for screening potential nannies and doing background checks.


Child care and nannies each have special advantages. If you’re thinking about daycare, it’s critical to pick a centre renowned for its dedication to providing a caring and engaging environment. Early Daycare and nanny facilities each have special advantages. There are many daycare centres  for infants but due diligence is important for your child. Since every kid and family is different, it’s critical to select the kind of care that best suits your needs.


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Vikas Kumar
Vikas Kumar
We're thrilled with the care our 4-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter received at Moombaki early learning! The staff is fantastic, and our kids settled in easily. The variety of activities for child development is impressive. Highly recommend!
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Nicole Mallon
Absolutely amazing childcare. As a parent and staff member at Moombaki, I can vouch for how incredible all the staff are. They go above and beyond for my son and the rest of the children, making every child feel safe and special. We are very lucky to be a part of the Moombaki family!
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Kuldeep Rulhan
I had an amazing experience with this Child Care Centre. The customer service was outstanding, and the infrastructure and quality of services were exactly what I was looking for.”
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ashmita dangol
Moombaki Early Learning is one of the best childcare centre with wonderful outdoor and indoor playground. The centre provides a spacious playground with top notch class rooms and amenities. I admitted my child from day one, since the opening of the centre.Now he is striving at his best under the forbearance guidance of his teachers. It’s so overwhelming to see my child adopting and settling in so well so quickly within short period of time.My moment of contentment is when the staffs provide me visual media of my child activities and milestones everyday when I am at my work place . It gives me peace of mind.Our Best decision sending him to Moombaki .Highly recommended for anyone looking for the best.
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R. Cheema
My daughter going for vacation care … she enjoying her days there, staff is very friendly and accommodating 👍👍👍
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Rachael Reid
I moved my son to Moombaki after a less than fantastic experience at another local centre. He has settled into life at Moombaki so quickly, and misses his educators and friends when he's not there. All of the staff and educators are fantastic, my little one has bonded with the team and is so happy while there. They engage in lots of fun and educational activities, we get new art for the fridge almost every day and the updates the provide during the day are fantastic. 5 stars isn't enough!
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Kajal Jhuboo
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